Tamu Activewear was founded by the husband and wife team of Gene Guy and Ta-Tanisha Hill-Guy.

After Ta-Tanisha became pregnant and having a hard time to shop for clothes at physical stores (because shopping with two little kids is nearly impossible to do while having a joyful experience in the process), and being a elementary school teacher, the clothes she liked normally were out of her price range on a teacher's salary.

Having heard the pleas of his wife, Gene's joke about building an online store just for his wife so she could shop whenever she wanted, with the style and prices she liked. That joke, went from a joke to an idea for a business.  Gene thought, if his wife is having these issues as a new parent, surely other women were having the same issues.

With Ta-Tanisha being an avid fitness buff, Gene and Ta-Tanisha decided to build the lifestyle brand around fitness and healthy living.

Gene decided on name "Tamu" for the store, since it is Ta-Tanisha's middle name and the idea of the store was initially centered around her.

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